11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
Making The History of the Western Cavalryman Come Alive
11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
Mission Statement

Welcome to the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry living history and reenacting unit. Our objective is to honor the men who served in this unit during the civil war by participating in reenactments, demonstrations, and other living history educational events. We focus on planning and organizing events in and around central Wyoming which involved either the 11th Ohio or 11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry units that were stationed between Fort Laramie and South Pass in the summer of 1865.

The original men who enlisted in the 11th Ohio (Which was originally the 6th Ohio), did so to fight the south in the American Civil War but they were soon sent to the high plains of the west. They were tasked with keeping hundreds of miles of telegraph line open and keep the overland trails and roads open. 

They spent 3 years in freezing snow, windy open expanses, and engaged hostile natives when they threatened to close the overland trails. 

Our goal is to tell their story and allow the public to understand the trials and tribulations that these soldiers experienced 150 years ago. 

If you would like to get more information, request our participation in an educational event, or would like to join our unit, please contact us:

Email: steven@caspersafety.com
Phone: 307-262-1725
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