11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
Making The History of the Western Cavalryman Come Alive

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The following events have been approved for the 2017 Schedule:


1/28/17: Drill
2/25/17: 25th: ROTC Training
3/25/17: Drill
4/4-10/17: 155th Shiloh
4/6-9/17: Actual Event
4/29/17: Fetterman Massacre 
5/19-21/17: Spring Drill
6/23-25/17: Little Bighorn
7/14-16/17: Fort Fetterman
7/22/17: Caspar Collins Days
8/26/17: Drill
9/14-17/17: Bannack, MT (While the details are not finalized with this event, we will have a campaign style event no matter what)
11/11/17: Drill
12/2/17: Candlelight Christmas



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