11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
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Basic Information:

We are excited to formally announce a unique campaign event in May of 2018 in the western plains. If you want to practice your Vedette and patrol duties, this is your chance. 

Where: Sweetwater Station, Wyoming 

When: Friday May 18th to Sunday May 20, 2018. 

What: We will be representing the 11th OVC and 3rd USVI on a small detail escorting a supply wagon from Sweetwater station to another nearby outpost. Attaching a cavalry and/or infantry detail to a supply delivery was a common practice. The route for the event will total 23 miles. We will cover these miles at a very conservative pace. The cavalry will follow vedette responsibilities as outlined in “Cogdons Cavalry Compendium”. The infantry will conduct their duties and formations following Kautz’s instruction on this matter. 

This is definitely NOT a powder burning event as we are unlikely to encounter any hostilities. The focus of this event is to portray and experience the common duties of wagon escort. Period rations will be provided. 

For many coming from areas not in the high plains, it will be a great opportunity to see how military details completed daily activities with little support. We will be limited on trees to secure the horses, feed for the horses, and firewood for cooking. There is a good chance we will need to burn buffalo “chips” as the original guys did. 

For those who have participated in events organized by the 11th OVC, this will be much easier and more relaxed pace. We will be realistically limited by the speed of the supply wagon and infantry support. If you are interested in participating, either as cavalry or infantry, please reply to this thread on the AC or the Facebook event announcement listed below.

Updates and uniform requirements have been posted on our Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/487533968279886/

Arrival & Departure Times: 
The event starts first thing Friday morning May 18th. We strongly encourage those attending to arrive Thursday evening at the staging area and camp there for our early departure on Friday morning. 

We plan to arrive at the ending point and the location of the shuttle vehicles as close to mid day (12:00 to 13:00) as possible. Our escort will still have about 6.5 miles to travel on Sunday morning. While this should only take about 3 hours, we cannot guarantee we will get back to your vehicles by noon.  

Event Registration

Please complete the registration information below an click submit. Please know that weather out west is unpredictable and the 11th OVC has not canceled an event to date (even in 2015's -20 degree campaign event). Please register with the intent to commitment to show up as these small events are dependent on all showing up. Additionally, please understand that professional emergency services will be hours away with no cell phone coverage. The 11th OVC hosts events with no bathroom facilities, water supplies, or established camping locations. If you have questions regarding events hosted by the 11th OVC please contact us.

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Confirmed Registered as of 05/8/2018

Last First State Branch
Craig Tom Ct Cavalry
Dacus Steven Jr. WY Cavalry
Dacus Steven Sr. WY Cavalry
Faulken Karl Wy Cavalry
Lewis Brandon WY Cavalry
Mitchell Ross MT Cavalry
Phister Daniel UT Cavalry
Phister Tyrel UT Cavalry
Robinson Jim WY Cavalry
Slatton John MT Cavalry
Haug Kendall SD Cavalry
Berezuk Peter KS Infantry 
Comer Michael MO Infantry 
Donbraska Josh WY Infantry 
Pavia Kenneth UT Infantry 
Serour Mark CO Infantry 
Johnson Richard UT Wagon
Merchant Kim WY Wagon
Phister Alan UT Wagon
Pollock Bill WY Wagon
Smith Monty ID Wagon

Baukol Trace MT Sick Call
Bodily Pepper WY Ft. Laramie
Brown Mark MT Ft. Laramie
Davenport Kit ID KIA by Indians
Delvo Brandon ND Sick Call
Gwin Gary WY Sick Call
Gwin Jake OR Reassigned
Mattern Daniel WY Staff Detail
Mott Casey MT Ft. Laramie
Welch Bob SD Staff Detail
Dean David MI Deserted
Hedberg Robert MI Deserted
Kirkman K.C. WV Deserted
Zalas William MI Deserted
Wester Jeremy IL Infantry

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