11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
Making The History of the Western Cavalryman Come Alive


The entire second battalion was armed with Remington Revolvers.  Each trooper was issued one.  Co. E and H troopers  were probably armed with 2 Remington revolvers (based on soldier's desertion reports).  A large number of them were OLD Army 44 Remington's as the war went on the 11th received a mix of 44 New Army Remington's and various Models of the Colt Army 44. 3 screw vs 4 screw.
The pseudo 3rd Battalion (actually a part of the 2nd Battalion) was armed with what ever was available but they were mostly 44 Remington's and Colts.  Company G troopers were only issued 1 Remington 44 Revolver and from the serial numbers they appear to be OLD Army Remington's.

In an Abstract of Issues to the Volunteers by Lt. H. E. Averill, 11th Ohio Cavalry Vols. for the Quarter ending December 31, 1864, it shows that Co. K, was issued 13 Merrill Carbines and Carbine Slings, 13 cartridge boxes (model not indicated) and 13 cap boxes. The Co. was also issued 23 Army Colt 44s, with holsters, and 5,000 cartridge rounds for their Merrills.

The troopers who agreed to purchase their own Wesson Rifles, had the price of the rifle deducted from their pay.  When they were ready to muster out, the regiment purchased Wesson Rifles from soldiers who no longer wanted them (They were issued an Enfield Rifle to replace their Wesson for the duration they had left in the service).  During the time the Rifles were issued (Oct 1864) to the time the Regiment starting buying them back (Oct 1865) the troopers were strictly prohibited from selling them.  151 of the Wesson Rifles were purchased by the US Gov (possibly the only Wessons purchased by the gov) and issued to Boalt's Company of recruits who were replacements for the Old Battalion's Companies

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