11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenactors
Making The History of the Western Cavalryman Come Alive

Useful Links

In addition to partnering with "Sister" units, the following links are great resources for further information on living history, tactics, and much more.

Fort Caspar Musuem

Fort Caspar Musuem is the local fort that bears the namesake of Caspar Collins that was killed at the battle of Platte Bridge Station on July 26th 1865. In 1936, Casper citizens and the Works Progress Administration reconstructed Platte Bridge Station using sketches made by Caspar Collins and others in the 1860s. 

1st Maine Cavalry
The 1st Maine Cavalry reenacting group is a leader in authentic reenacting and demonstrate a dedication to the smallest detail that rivals most other reenacting units. Their website is full of United States cavalry history and uniform guidelines that serves as a great guide for standards and requirements for cavalry soldiers.

6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
The 6th Ohio is a "Sister" unit that represents the regiment of cavalry that the 11th Ohio was designated as for a short time before being sent to indian country. This unit is one of the largest reenacting cavalry units and is the unit that our unit rides with when we participate in eastern reenactments. 

Authentic Campaigner Forums
This is a very usefull site in answering any specific period question you may have.

Civil War Reenactors Forum
This is the "Mainstream" reenactors forum that holds a variety of information for any large reenactments or other living history events

Cost of Mounted Reenacting
This document is a general overview of the cost in reenacting both mainstream and authentic styles. As we mention on the "Join Us" page, if you are interested in joining a unit please contact that unit before you purchase any equipment. Since this hobby is expensive, you do not need to buy un-needed items or in-authentic items. We would be happy to assist you in purchasing any item you are interested in. Before you buy any period clothing or equipment, we ask that you ride with us at a few events with some borrowed gear to see what you really need.

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